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The Heroes of Crossover Rock, Rock On!

Imagine an ocean with amber skies above, and the sunset off in the distance. Now put on your headphones. Look into the majestic sky, out along the horizon. Suddenly all is peaceful, you are feeling inspired, movin and groovin to one of the coolest and most refreshing Rock, Country Rock ‘n’ Blues” Crossover Artists of the new century. Their “Redwood Coast Rock “ has become known as
“The Redwood Coast Sound”
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What many are saying about Bruce Guynn & Big Rain


“Bruce Guynn & Big Rain are wonderful songwriters, and superb singers. I haven’t worked with a band this talented for many years.” Ray Ruff (Producer/Promoter; Doobie Brothers, Kenny Rogers, Merle Haggard, Reba McEntire Roy Orbison, Van Morrison, many others. 

“Arming themselves with a lush sound complete with big vocal harmony parts, Big Rain seem poised to turn that corner on the race to mainstream liquidity. Their songs are compelling, breathtaking, and instantly gratifying—all the right ingredients for a stellar command of the country pop circuit.” – J. Sin (Smother Magazine)  

“The guys offer sharp and refined harmony and keen and tempered instrumentation. A bonus comes with Guynn’s songwriting. From the moment the laser centered on “Sweet Inspiration”, my curiosity enjoyed further reward. Not only is the hype right on the dollar, but it’s a scripted nod to the talent here. -George Peden (Country Stars Online)  

 “This is a great sounding band!” -James Pearson, (BBC Radio)

Bruce Guynn & Big Rain’s music has ‘its’ own style and sound yet a “JamBaLaya Rock” with shades of the likes of Roy Orbison, The Mavericks, The Everly Brothers, Robben Ford, and Los Lobos to name a few. The Eagles meet Delbert McClinton by way of Big Rain. It’s Roots Uplifting Rock, Country Rock, and Soulful Blues that crosses over into other musical genres. 

Bruce’s songwriting has captured the attention of critics around the world and his powerful delivery and knack for harmonies make Big Rain the perfect backdrop for that epic Americana road trip, or just an afternoon in the park with your favorite people. 

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