Message of Hope, Only Love

We are all going through some hard times these days. Not only with the fear, and anxiety of COVID-19, but many of us are facing financial difficulties. Like you in your work, my music business is on paus. All my performance dates have all been cancelled, or put on hold.

So, I have decided to become part of the solution, and do what I can to help us get through this together. We must be strong in our hearts and minds, and not let fear, and the unknown control our destiny. As we learn more about the virus we are understanding how to slow it down, and eventually control it.

In the hope that it will make you feel better during this time. I am giving you songs, and music to help you work through this stressful time at home. So, everything on this page is FREE. I will continue to create more performances in video and song to share with you.

So use the coupon code HOPE to download YOUR free copy of Ocean of Souls below:

“Music is Health Care for the mind, and body”

This is YOUR PAGE of performances, songs, albums, and videos. I’ll stay busy making videos of new songs, and some spontaneous jams, or renditions of stuff right here in my studio at New Coast Records. I will post them on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and make them available here as free downloads.