Signed CD Pack (Ocean of Souls + The Big Rain Cafe)


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“Ocean of Souls” is my sixth full length CD album. I wrote the title song, Ocean of Souls, about four years ago. Then, about two years the vision for the album came to me …

“The Big Rain Cafe” is a collection of twelve of the most popular album songs, and single releases from previous albums, and singles.

  1. From Your Spirit Bruce Guynn 4:19
  2. Good Medicine Bruce Guynn 4:28
  3. Take Me to Heaven Bruce Guynn 3:46
  4. Ocean of Souls Bruce Guynn 3:41
  5. Waiting Bruce Guynn 4:01
  6. Fly Again Bruce Guynn 4:08
  7. Dirty Dirty Game Bruce Guynn 4:28
  8. Angel, Angel Bruce Guynn 4:18
  9. Steppen Out Bruce Guynn 4:32
  10. American Warriors Bruce Guynn 4:50
  11. Recipe For A Broken Heart Bruce Guynn 3:17


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  1. I'm Not Running Bruce Guynn & Big Rain 3:39
  2. Sweet Inspiration Bruce Guynn & Big Rain 3:44
  3. Angel In My Room Bruce Guynn & Big Rain 4:21
  4. I'm Breaking Out Bruce Guynn & Big Rain 5:14
  5. December Night Bruce Guynn & Big Rain 5:45
  6. Moment of Honesty Bruce Guynn & Big Rain 3:47
  7. Valley of Towers Bruce Guynn & Big Rain 3:56
  8. Sound of Freedom Bruce Guynn & Big Rain 4:44
  9. Hotel Life Bruce Guynn & Big Rain 3:32
  10. Las Vegas Bruce Guynn & Big Rain 3:15
  11. Can't Take That Bruce Guynn & Big Rain 3:24
  12. December Night (Single Version) Bruce Guynn & Big Rain 3:03


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