Bringing People Together Through Music

Sweet harmonies, and strong vocals ride on top of an excellent band. These boys dish up a full-bodied musical fare that will pick you up, and make you move. With the release of three number one, and six top thirty songs, on both the USA and International radio charts Bruce Guynn & Big Rain has become a prolific artist performing throughout California, and worldwide.

Recognized for award winning songwriting, the music is a breezy blend of Soulful Rock, Americana, Blues, R&B, and Roots. With a heart and talent that is fused with the timeless music of the past, and new songs of life today, the live experience bridges generational, social, and cultural divides. The melodies and hooks grab you, while the groove gets you moving, dancing, and singing along.

Industry Honors for (Vocal Group of the Year)

And for (Crossover Artist of the Year)

Over the years the band has performed here at home, throughout California, the USA, and worldwide. Tours have taken them to five continents, including music festivals in China, Asia, Australia, Europe, North Africa, and to our Military Veterans here at Home, and the Middle East, Iraq, Kuwait, American Embassy, Cairo Egypt.

With consistent airplay worldwide for almost two decades the band has been humbled with industry honors, “Vocal Group of the Year”, and for “Crossover Artists of the Year”

Three # 1, and Six Top 30 Songs

On USA, European, and Australian

Radio, and Music Charts From 2004-2019

Some of the Bands Achievements

  • National and International Tours
  • Tours for the Troops
  • Iraq, Kuwait, Egypt, American
  • Embassy, Cairo
  • Tours in China
  • Tours, Australia, Europe
  • 25 Years Performing & Touring
  • Over 1,500 Performances
  • Successful Recording Artist

Chart Topping Songs & Awards

    • Three # 1 Radio Charting Songs
    • Six Songs in the Top 10 & 30 between 2006 – 2019
    • Radio Music Charts Nationally Europe, Japan, and Australia
    • Industry Honors for Vocal Group of the Year
    • Nominated Crossover Artist of the Year For New Music Awards
    • Working with Our Communities
    • Sharing the Stage with the Biggest Names in the Business
    • Performed at 100’s of Festivals
    • Fairs and Community Concerts
    • Concerts to Raise Awareness, and Money for Veterans, and Families
    • Children and Other Non- Profits…

25 Years of Live Performances

The trials and tribulations Bruce Guynn & Big Rain have faced would have stopped most dead in their track. But, they stayed true to the artistic vision and the music. Celebrating another year of touring, and thrilling audiences around the world, the band continues to evolve, creating new music. They have been credited by many for bringing their own fresh and inspirational crossover sound into the mainstream.

Big Rain Returns to China

Big Rain recently returned to China for a second time. The first tour in 2008 was a non stop marathon as was the recent return. But this tour was different because the performances took place in Zhanjiajie, South China’s Hunan Province, possibly the most beautiful place in the world. This rain forest area was the inspiration for James Cameron’s floating mountains in the movie Avatar. “We are so appreciative of the people and fans in Shanghia, and Zhanjiajie, who have been so wonderful and incredibly enthusiastic about our music and performances over the years.