“Bruce Guynn & Big Rain are wonderful songwriters, and superb singers. I haven’t worked with a band this talented for many years.” Ray Ruff (Iconic Producer; Who worked with the Everly Brothers, Doobie Brothers, George Strait, Kenny Rogers, Merle Haggard, Reba McEntire, Roy Orbison, Willie Nelson, Van Morrison, and many others.

Producers Richie Podolor and Bill Cooper who produced almost the entire catalog of Three Dog Night, and Steppenwolf, while working with others like Iron Butterfly, Alice Cooper, and Poco to name only a few. Famous Producer Richie said. “I haven’t heard songs as memorable and inspiring coming out of the studio in a long time. People just don’t walk in here with material like this. After hearing them I had to let them know I would love to play on the Album”. Richie who played Guitar on many hit songs was featured on Mandolin on some of Big Rain’s songs.

Review – Indie Music Magazine – See complete review at
Review by Bafrney Quick Quote:
“This is the kind of cleansing, welcoming music that makes listeners say, ‘Oh, yeah! That stuff! I didn’t realize how much I needed a big dose of that”. California music’s country aspect works best if it serves a basically optimistic, warm, human view of life, and Big Rain delivers that generously. Lyrical themes of family, friendship, integrity, and a desire to see an end-product of life beyond material gain infuse the songs on their latest, self-titled album on the Oak label. Bassist and lead vocalist Bruce Guynn writes most of the tunes. His affable voice is utterly devoid of affectation, like a neighbor hollering over the fence inviting you to join him on the porch for something cold to drink. His songwriting tends toward interesting combinations so that his creations are quite accessible but never formulaic. The album leads with arguably the most vibrant cut, “Sweet Inspiration,” on which all these elements come together with superb sparkle. The Everly Brothers would be proud of this update of their soundReview – Angry Country Magazine – See complete review at

Review by Christie Bohorfoush – Senior Staff Writer
As for this writer, I am hooked. Big Rain is the most refreshing band that has come along in quite some some time. Indeed, the listener will hear old familiar sounds and everything from what will remind you of old 50’s tunes to Latin inspired tunes to early rock sounds to soul. The question really is, “How did Big Rain manage to mix all of those influences into their sound, while still keeping a country edge?” Well, I cannot answer that question; but I can tell our readers that Big Rain brings a unique album of music that must be heard. While Nashville continues to crank out cookie cutter artists, this band brings the listener something new and refreshing; while keeping its roots  rounded in the oh so familiar past. It is rare when a debut album does not have a bad track on it; simply a must hear for anyone who loves country music with an edge!

Review – – Magazine Review by J. Sin – Smother Magazine Writer – Buy it from InSound Get this on iTunes Arming themselves with a lush Nashville sound complete with big vocal harmony parts, Big Rain seem poised to turn that corner on the race to mainstream liquidity. Indie country artists can be a dime a dozen in some parts of the country but it’s rare that such powerful songwriters and performers can all be found within the same group. As a trio, Big Rain almost seem to write and play at some high level as one super musician if you will. Their songs are compelling, breathtaking, and instantly gratifying—all the right ingredients for a stellar command of the country pop circuit.

Review – Country Stars Online
Review by George Peden, CSO Staff Journalist –
“The guys offer sharp and refined harmony and keen and tempered instrumentation. A bonus comes with Guynn’s songwritng; and as added confirmation to the caliber of the tunes, the band has already collared several envied placements on independent charts. They have also enjoyed scattered praise from music critics”. From the moment the laser centered on “Sweet Inspiration”, my curiosity enjoyed further reward. Not only is the hype right on the dollar, but it’s a scripted nod to the talent here. These guys–Bruce Guynn on lead vocals, bass and keyboards, Peter Alaimo, harmony, lead and rhythm guitars are a tight unit. In the musical mix adding to the harmony-driven trio is drummer Chet McCracken. He’s best remembered as the man behind the skins with the Doobie Brothers. Steel, fiddle, and mandolin enjoy perfect pitch and play by respective talents, Doug Livingston, Bobby Furgo and Ritchie Podolor. Lead vocalist Bruce Guynn has a steady and even-tempered pitch, comman-ding and confident; he works his lyrics into an enjoyable listen. The rich harmony offered by his band mates puts polish on tunes keenly crafted, well played and delivered, if not in a true country setting, then a soft rock alternative that shows promise. Standout cuts: “Sweet Inspiration”, “December Night”, “I’m Breaking Out” and the James Chatterton-penned, “Las Vegas”

Review – Blazing Boots Magazine – See complete review at
This album is full of strong melodies, which in itself is unusual these days, with song after song that you can’t help but like. There isn’t a weak track on this album, you can dance most of them. If this band has a weakness I haven’t spotted it. They are a really sophisticated band with sophisticated lyrics sang to a sophisticated sound. Great album love it all, wish I was clever enough to understand it all, but hey great music and great harmonies don’t really need to be understood do they. ‘Big Rain’ rocks the house at Camp Liberty’s MWR field house Bruce Guynn, the lead vocalist and bass player for the band “Big Rain,” belts out the tunes as he performs for the service members of Multi-National Division – Baghdad and 4th Infantry Division Soldiers at the Morale, Welfare and Recreation Field House here April 17.  The band members said they were excited about the opportunity to play for the audience because it provide them the opportunity to give something back to the troops, who are sacrificing time with their Families and risking their lives. (U.S. Army photo by Spc. Aaron
Rosencrans, MND-B PAO) By MND-B PAO Apr 25, 2008 – 1:41:53 PM

Blackanthem Military News
CAMP LIBERTY, Iraq – Big Rain, the definitive working man’s band, rocked the house for the Soldiers of Multi-National Division – Baghdad and the 4th Infantry Division at the Morale, Welfare and Recreation Field House here April 17; the band also went about its rocking ways at the  Tigerland MWR here the following night.

The members of the band said they were excited about the opportunity to play for the audience because it provides them the opportunity to give something back to the service members, who are sacrificing time with their Families and risking their lives. Byron Bonham, the band’s drummer, said he didn’t want to just say he supported the Soldiers who are deployed all over the world – he wanted to come to Iraq personally and show his support by entertaining the troops.

“I wanted to give something back,” said Bonham. “There are artists out there who say they support the troops, but when they are invited to come over, they turn down the offer. I wanted to put my money where my mouth is and say I support the troops and give them a little slice of home while they’re out here.”

As part of the show, Big Rain belted out “Sound of Freedom,” which was written by Bruce Guynn, the band’s lead singer and bassist. Although the song was written in response to the Persian Gulf War, it is one that carries on and is pertinent to the current war in Iraq.

“I was looking at the world as a whole, saying we all need to be free,” Guynn said. “It’s not just my freedom, and it’s just not your freedom – we all need to be free.” To take the time to understand other cultures and be more accepting of their thinking and beliefs. If we can step outside the envelope of our own beliefs, then we might have a shot at truly understand what freedom offers. It is much more than a word to be used to explain someone’s cause.”

The Big Rain “team” has a deep appreciation for the work Soldiers must do, and compassion for all Veterans and their Families. They are involved with the “KIA” Killed In Action, an organization dedicated to helping Veterans, and to raise funds and provide support for the Families who have lost loved ones.

Due to a back injury, one of the band members was not able to make the trip to Iraq, so up stepped the 4th Infantry Division’s own Spc. André Goncalves, a native of Wichita, Kan., who rocked the crowd with his new band-mates. You could say Goncalves was moonlighting with the band. His normal “gig” is as a guitar player with the 4th Inf. Div. Band. Goncalves said shows were exhausting, but he relished the opportunity to jam with a nationally-recognized band.”We didn’t meet before the gig or anything,” said Goncalves. “I just hooked up my guitar and we started playing.”

What Radio in the U.S. and World is Saying

“We are having a great run with “December Night”, and getting great listener response”.
Lynn Pierce, Program Director, KVLV Radio, Fallon, NV

“Now hears a band that is on the verge of really breaking big time with their second single, (Sweet Inspiration). What a great song.” Independent Music Network, CA
“Big Rains first single I’m Not Running is a great song and getting a lot of really good listener call in responses”.
Lee Richey-WCJW Radio- Warsaw, NY

“I think the song “December Night” by, Bruce Guynn & Big Rain is a perfect song. I can’t find anything wrong with it.” Stan Edwards, The Bear, AZ

“Great music and great voice.” Paul Johansen – Radio Sotra – Norway

“I would be very honored if I could include the very great music you perform in my radio show. I have gotten those CD:s and the first track from the full length album is what I use at the moment. Its a real great album and there are many tracks that I like a whole lot. People over here like Country Music and music related to the genre. And with nearly 25 years as DJ I’m real serious when I say that your stuff is Great. Easy to take in and good radio format. Keep up the good work guys. Greetings from the “Snowland”, Lars G. Lindberg – Radio Siljan – Sweden

“Thanks for the CDs, they came today. We will play I’m Not Running once every day, we will also play Sweet Inspiration and Waiting. The last one I just found wonderful and decided to play it quite a bit. Best Whishes and all the Best for you and Big Rain. Please let the guys know that we like their music in Switzerland.”
Sacha Jacqueroud, Owner/White Horse Media, Home of Radio, Countrytime, Switzerland

“Great stuff, after adding Big Rain to the play list, they are getting a great response on our Radio Station. We are looking forward to the live interview when they come to play several shows next month.” Hartley Lessor – KTKE Radio, Truckee, CA

Hello, dear Frank! …and many thanks for your package, full with great music. I like “Big Rain” and the close harmonies by Bruce Guynn and partner. Again thanks and all the best to you and Patty from sunny Austria.

P.S: RTAA stands for Radio Tele Alpe Adria. Another radio AND TV station I`m working for. If you have video, or DVD, please send. I have the opportunity to bring them on air.
Ciao Pete, Pete Lenloy, c/o Radio Carinzia

Hello Frank,
Thanks for sending me the Cd from ‘Big Rain. Here’s my comments, etc. a) Big Rain – WOW!!! What a great CD. ‘nough said. My favorite tracks are: T1 Sweet Inspiration and T2 I’m Not Running. But there are plenty of other tracks I’ll be playing given time. Best Wishes, Tony Smedley (Apple Country) ENGLAND,

Hello again Frank, Feedback time again, Big Rain, rating 8 overall for the album, My Favorites : ” Sweet inspiration” “Angel in my room” “I’m not running ” “Waiting”..Have listened to every song on album – all good, Bye for now,
Regards, David Langford @AIR FM 107.9, Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia

Bruce Guynn & Big Rain CD Big Rain
This is a great sounding band. My favorite tracks are Angel in My Room and I’m Breaking Out.
Thanks, James Pearson, BBC RADIO SHETLAND

An adventurous and innovative approach to country music is also the way of Big Rain. I must say I was knocked out by “Big Rain” (Oak/Comstock) and the program of eleven songs, mostly penned by lead vocalist and bassist Bruce Guynn, simply because this is what country rock is all about. There are influences in there, that cannot be disputed, but also beyond dispute is the fact that Big Rain is totally original. “Sweet Inspiration”, the opener, has a kind of countrified Merseybeat sound it (amazing!) and you will find echoes of the Mavericks (without the horns) and you will also discover some really beautiful songs; “Angel In My Room”, December Night” and “Waiting”. An added bonus is the inclusion of Doug Livingston, Bobby Furgo and Richie Podolor picking steel, fiddle and mandolin respectively. Pete Smith’s Reviews, FAB-AM Radio (UK) England, Pete is a well known industry music programmer and reviewer. His reviews appear regularly on the European Play List Board.