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About Singer Songwriter Bruce Guynn:

Bruce Guynn performs Solo, and with his band Bruce Guynn & Big Rain bringing an Award Winning Brand of “Uplifting Soulful Rock, Americana, Blues, R&B, Roots to the stage! Sweet harmonies, and strong vocals ride on top of an excellent sound dishing up a full-bodied musical fare that will pick you up, and make you move. With the release of Seven Albums, three number one, and seven top thirty songs, on both the USA and International radio charts Bruce Guynn became a prolific artist performing throughout California, and worldwide.

Three Number 1, Seven Top Ten & Thirty Songs On USA & International Radio, Music Charts  

Recognized for award winning songwriting with a heart, and talent that is fused with the timeless music of the past, and songs of life today, the live experience bridges generational, social, and cultural divides. The melodies, and hooks grab you, while the groove gets you moving, dancing, and singing along.

Tours to Australia, China, Europe, Iraq, Kuwait, American Embassy Cairo Egypt..

Over the years Bruce has performed here at home throughout California, the USA, and worldwide. Tours have taken him to six continents, including music festivals in China, Asia, Australia, Europe, North Africa, and to our Military here, and overseas.

 “THE REDWOOD COAST SOUND” SOUL ROCKER, Classics & Bruce’s Top Charting Songs

A dynamic Singer, Performer, Musician, Soul Rocker entertaining audiences with a breezy blend of Soulful Rock, Americana, Blues, R&B, Pop – Roots. This popular Central Coast Bay Area based Artist won’t disappoint, and will leave you smiling.

Industry Honors for (Vocal Group of the Year) And for (Crossover Artist of the Year)

With consistent airplay worldwide for two decades, Bruce has been humbled with industry honors:  “Vocal Group of the Year”, and for “Crossover Artists of the Year”

Twitter following has grown beyond 200,000 followers. The Facebook Pages, and YouTube Channel continue to grow as folks are subscribing, and downloading music daily.

Bruce has worked with, performed with, and recorded with some of the most successful producers, and Artist’s In the Industry.. 

Performed shows over the years with Chet McCracken, former Drummer of the Doobie Brothers. Shared Festival Stages with Jesse Colin Young, The Lovin’ Spoonful, and many others.. Second Headliner with Chubby Checkers, Pete Escovedo, and others…

Seven Albums,Three # 1, Seven Top & 30 Songs On the USA, European, and Australian Radio, and Music Charts From 2004-2022

Recent Reviews

MusicExistence – Review of Time Will Tell

Single Review: Bruce Guynn “Time Will Tell”

July 29, 2021 –  By,  Loren Sperry, 714 SHARES, FacebookTwitter

Soul wasn’t always missing in rock n’ roll – in fact, looking back as little as a generation ago will lead you to the fabric of emotionality in heavy music I speak of today. Without being too much of a throwback about it, Bruce Guynn seems more than a little committed to reviving the soulfulness of smooth rock in his new single “Time Will Tell,” and atoning for the lackluster lyricism of previous eras in the genre through politically aware verses that hit where it hurts this season. Guynn might be a newcomer to fame, but in this track, he sounds like an old pro at making pop gold.


There’s confidence behind the vocal here, but the lyrical wit of the verses displays a lot more vulnerability than our singer would initially let on with his tone. When he croons about the discordance he sees all around him in America, you don’t have to have the volume cranked past 10 to feel the passion in his voice and the weight of the issue chipping away at his will. It’s tangible and unguarded, which are two elements that I have had a hard time locating in much of the quarantine-age pop songcraft landing on my desk right now.

I just found out about this California-based singer/songwriter, but even with all of the buzz acts like the lauded San Francisco experimentalists Sandy’s and San Diegans The Color Forty Nine are kicking up in the underground, it’s hard to dismiss the melodicism Bruce Guynn has as a solo player. He’s playing to an audience that hasn’t known a real hero in well over a quarter-century, and my gut tells me that his is a sound that will likely face no difficulty securing that audience and making them his own before the decade has concluded.

Bruce Guynn – ‘Time Will Tell,’ 

by Lisa Hafey | Posted on 05/07/2021

Essentially Pop

One of the pioneers of California’s Redwood Coast Sound, Bruce Guynn has made it his mission – both solo and with his band – to pick you up and make you move. His naturally sweet singer/songwriter style, which is coupled with a blend of uplifting soulful rock, organic Americana, pleasant blues, and honeyed R&B, has seen Guynn rewarded with three Number Ones and seven Top Thirty Songs on both the USA and International radio charts.

Guynn’s latest single, ‘Time Will Tell,’ is a plea for the citizens of the USA to unite beyond the approaching instability. The song comes with a music clip, directed by Stu Wilson, which is more of a peace offering than a video. Guynn gets right to the point as he takes to the mic in his studio; is it possible to be a democracy in a nation where there is so much hypocrisy? Subjects such as the presidency, Black Lives Matter, even the Covid-19 pandemic – have all served to polarize rather than unite society. It’s a strong message, delivered as a soft rock ballad, but no less powerful than if it had been a heavy rock track.

As Guynn plays each instrument to record its respective part, we see overlays of the current conflicts, creating contrast between opinions and aggression; Guynn however remains positive, as he reminds us that we are in control of our future, and where we will go. If we co-operate, and focus on the power we hold, as a collective force we will be unstoppable. Only time will tell, if it all works out. Listen to ‘Time Will Tell,’ below, and visit Bruce Guynn’s official website.

Rasputin’s Music Reviews: Bruce Guynn, Time Will Tell

Actual Review; By Trace Whittaker, Newcastle-upon-Tyne 7/2021 Share

Divisive times tend to have the most moving of soundtracks, and while we won’t be able to judge the music of this era for another generation, something tells me the contributions of one Bruce Guynn to the history of NorCal rock aren’t soon to be forgotten. In Guynn’s new single “Time Will Tell,” the Redwood Coast soul-rocker presents us with a politically charged lyrical gem that has one foot planted in folk and the other planted in soft pop, with his brooding voice tethering both aesthetics together charmingly. He’s got a lot of versatility as a player, but here, continuity comes through his singing exclusively. 


The pace here is rather restrained given the moxie evident in Guynn’s crooning, but I don’t get the feeling he’s having to hold himself back with these verses. A little bit of contrast between a frontman and his band is fine when it accentuates the natural tension in the music to the degree that it does in this single, and although my man isn’t pushing himself too hard, it’s clear he’s got as much of his heart sewn into this beat as he does the verses he’s singing. He’s all emotion with zero fronting, which isn’t all that common in pop anymore. This vocal takes center stage in both the song and the music video it inspired, with Guynn’s melodic voice centering the overlaid imagery in a fashion nothing else could have. 

With no more than a microphone in front of him, we witness his confidence come alive on screen with nothing to slow its growth, and thanks to the minimalistic backdrop, there are no distractions to obstruct our complete appreciation for the depth of his harmonies. He has nothing to hide here, and it’s obvious from literally every angle of the song. It’s one of the more profoundly simplistic harmonies I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing this July, but the binder in the chorus of “Time Will Tell” takes what was already an immersive listening experience and turns it into a potential indie smash for Bruce Guynn in seconds flat. You don’t have to change the world with your melodic output if you’ve got the kind of commanding presence this delicate voice can conjure up seemingly on the spot in this single, and he rightly keeps his loftier ambitions as a songwriter off to the sidelines in this release. 


A magnetic single from a deeply talented singer and composer in Bruce Guynn, “Time Will Tell” has made me very excited to hear what other treasures the alternative singer/songwriter beat is going to produce on the west coast this summer. There’s a lot of interest around the once-sleepy arts scene spanning Santa Rosa to Arcata right now – the noted Redwood Coast – and I don’t think Guynn could have timed the release of this recent offering any better given the swell in intrigue his backyard circuit is enjoying. He’s got a voice that encapsulates the spirit of Californian soul-rock here, and it’s easy to fall in love with in “Time Will Tell.”

Review – By John McCal – Too Much Love Magazine

July 29, 2021 Music Reviews “TIME WILL TELL” BY BRUCE GUYNN One man. One mic. One mighty melody. If you’re Bruce Guynn, these three ingredients spell out a righteous recipe for California-style soft rock ala his new single “Time Will Tell” that lovers of lost coast culture are going to be particularly taken with this July. Although “Time Will Tell” is a bit streamlined and lacking in eclecticism – as has been the trend for the better part of 2021 – its rejection of popular aesthetical themes is perhaps one of its most alluring qualities to a critic like me. It dares to think outside of the box, and yet the melodies it contains are the very definition of timelessness.

I felt the angst in Guynn’s voice here long before I ever sat down with the music video for “Time Will Tell,” and I think the tonal presence his singing creates is enough to give us a look into his scathing contempt for the political discord in America these days. Between recall elections and vicious debates over something as simple as a vaccine, the headaches that come with turning on the nightly news anymore have left a lot of us feeling like it’s not even worth turning on, and here, he’s channeling the frustration in too marvelous a way to be ignored.

The keys are a background element in the instrumentation, but they serve a purpose that is undeniable when examining the whole of this song. Instead of giving us a bloated guitar part, there’s a bit of color breaking up the harmony in the middle portion of the mix that nods to the pop influences in Guynn’s sound. These influences could make the difference between his remaining in the shadows of the record store and scoring more headline-making hits like this one, and I doubt I’m the only critic thinking as much right now. 

There isn’t enough being said about Bruce Guynn’s music at the moment, and if you haven’t already listened to “Time Will Tell,” I think giving it a spin this month will give you a good idea as to why I’m game for more of his work. The simplicity of his sound and the means through which he creates it are just what contemporary pop music is missing, in and outside of the Golden State, and provided he doesn’t dilute his formula with a lot of filler, I have a feeling this won’t be the last we hear from Guynn this year. 

A little bit about Bruce Guynn’s Musical Journey: A resident of Santa Cruz County since 1980 he started his professional songwriting, recording, and performing career in 1994. In 1996 he released his first full length album “Sound of Freedom”. For the next seven years, Bruce, and his band Big Rain were relentlessly performing at least 100 dates a year at various Festivals, Fairs, and major venues throughout Santa Cruz, Monterey Counties, Northern, and Southern California.

As an Indie Artist the albums were in almost every Record, and Music Store locally, as well as in stores throughout the United States.. By now Bruce had released three Indy Albums, set up his own distribution through stores on his own label Umbrella Records, and was selling hundreds of albums.

Then, in 2003 Bruce got a phone call from Ray Ruff, a well known producer, and promoter. One of the most successful producers, and promoters in the last Fifty years. Responsible for over 100 hit songs, and helping the careers of many of the biggest artists of all time. Bruce signed an agreement with Oak Records to produce an album with Ray working alongside Richie Podolor, and Bill Cooper at American Recording Company. This Team produced over two hundred hit songs with Artists like Three Dog Night, Steppenwolf, George Strait, Dwight Yoakam, and many, many more.

Bruce’s album Big Rain resulted in three number ones, and seven top thirty charting songs. Bruce, and band toured the USA, and worldwide playing festivals and a variety of music venues up to 2012 when it was time to get off the road, and take a break. With Five albums released he left the music business for about three years, but the music never left him.

In 2015 he came back. Since then Bruce has gone on to write, and produce several top charting songs, and two full length albums on his own Indie Label New Coast Records. 

The new album is titled, “Ocean of Souls”, and another new one , “Private Collection” have already received much airplay, and direct sales to Bruce’s followers, and fans worldwide. And, the new current project, and Album is at the halfway point. It should be ready late October. The first single Release, Time Will Tell’ has already received wonderful reviews, and done well on many platforms. The second Single, ‘Not The Same’, has just been released.

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