The songs on the new album (INTROSPECTIVE) is my eighth full length album. It’s a journey through life experiences with the power of music, and poetry to guide us. The creative and recording process was a time of growth musically on all levels. Every instrument I played was an opportunity to grow as a musician improvising, creating the parts that were best for the song in prosody and harmony with the lyrical message emanating from my heart, mind, and memories.

It is also about living in today’s divisive times, and the struggle for power with the hope that people can put their differences aside, and appreciate the humanity in all of us. As one listener recently shared with me about the song Too Many Moons. “Too Many Moons” is an intriguing song, very spiritual. It’s speaking in ancient terms to the world today.”

On a more personal level these songs and the album (INTROSPECTIVE) were written and created because I had to share it. I want music to bring people together, but also take us further in the search for common ground.

(INTROSPECTIVE) Going To Radio July 23rd 2024


New Single, Not The Same, (Official Lyric Vide)